A collection of memories written to Hannah’s friends in her last rehab for her memorial service.

She was incredibly smart; graduating in the top 10% of her class in HS; and cum laude from La Salle University.

She was incredibly sensitive.  She loved animals and wouldn’t hurt a thing.  She had a dog named Peanut and a cat named Fiddle.

She was raised with love on every side of her.  Her father; her mother, her grandparents.

She was an only child and grandchild, so yeah, she was a tad bit spoiled at times.

She was an accomplished violin player who won many awards and played violin on the radio.

She loved to joke around and laugh.

She loved to play jokes on us, especially her mom, and throw cold water on me when I was taking a shower.

She once made up a song as a child called apple picking is my sport, sport, sport.

She would go to any length to help people, like any length.  She gave away her money to help and she gave her entire self.

She took care of her disabled dad growing up and that’s what made her want to become a nurse.

When she was a baby her hair literally stood up straight up and there was nothing I could do about it!

She loved the Grateful Dead.  Her father taught her well!

Hannah graduating with her nursing degree 2014

Hannah loved to joke around!

Hannah and Fiddle.
Hannah was an accomplished violin player.
Hannah and her best friend, Sara.

Once when her heart was broken by a dumb boy we drove around at midnight looking for an open Taco Bell and a place to get ice cream.

She was a terrific writer and actually got 90’s and above in math for years and years in school and college.

When she was 6 she once “cleaned” my car with a brillo pad and was very proud of herself!  I told her she did a great job and gave her a big hug. (true!)

We read To Kill a Mockingbird together one summer and had many deep discussions about prejudice and racism.  She never cared who/what anybody was.  If you were nice and you accepted her, she accepted you.

She loved her father and his loss tore her up inside.  She never wanted to do drugs.  She just didn’t know how to deal with her pain.

She always wanted to please her momma.  We were part of one another.

She tried so hard, so hard, so so hard.  She fought with literally everything she had until she couldn’t take it anymore.  She didn’t know how to really reach out for help.

She would tell you all, DO NOT GIVE UP.  YOU CAN DO THIS.

And the final thing I want you to know about Hannah is this:  She brought my life love and light and no matter what we went through, even to the bitter end, she was my pride and my joy, and I was beyond proud that she was at Beit T’shuvah.

I love you all.  I’m proud of all of you.  Keep going.  Do it for Hannah.  Do it for yourself, but you GET THERE any way you can.

Love & Hugs to you all.

Hannah speaking at her Birthday/Graduation Party in 2014.

Hannah was what?  A Jewish Believer?  What is that?

Hannah’s dad, Alan, was Jewish.  Alan came to realize after much research and searching that Jesus really is the Messiah.  (There are over 300 prophesies in the Old Testament that Jesus fulfilled when He came to earth!)

A “Jewish believer” and a Christian believe the same exact thing!

Sometimes a Jewish believer is called Messianic, and they call Jesus Y’shua, but, once again, Christians and people who are Messianic believe the exact same thing.  Calling Jesus Y’shua is cultural and is how Jesus’s name is pronounced in Hebrew.  Most likely Jesus’ mom and friends pronounced His name the same way.

Hannah very much identified with her Jewish side, her dad’s side.  She considered herself a Jewish believer/Christian and developed her own relationship with Jesus.

Hannah truly loved God and as she matured, wanted to be baptized and to go to church and walk with God.  Hannah used to cry in church listening to the music, as it spoke to her very being.

Hannah gave her heart to God as a child, and because of that, I know my future holds my reconciliation with her in heaven!  We WILL be together again!

Hannah and her dad, Alan. They adored each other.

Stories of Hannah from her Mom, daria

My Published Work

My Published Work

So proud to be published today for the very first time in Pure In Heart Stories  (5-13-2022)  Please enjoy "Fabric"  

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