Hannah’s Last Breath

Softly, softly her breath slipped away.

Did she know?

Did she call out for me?

“Mom, Mom.”

Oh, Hannah, why?

Her breath stilled until it was no more.

Mommy knew from 3000 miles away.  She knew but didn’t know yet.

The next thing Hannah heard, a voice calling her name.

“Hannah.  Hannah.”  The voice was so soothing, as if the gentle wind she felt swirling around her was the voice itself.

The voice was commanding, yet so gentle and kind.  “Rise up, Hannah.”

“Come now, Hannah.  I will hold you close to my heart.

It’s okay to open your eyes.  You’re okay now, Hannah.  The pain is gone.

I love you,  Hannah.  I’m bringing you home to the place I prepared for you.”

“My mom,” said Hannah.

“Mommy is going to be okay, Hannah.

I’m holding back the storm for a little bit so I can speak to her heart.

I’m always with Mommy, Hannah.

And you’ll always be with me, Hannah.

Come, Hannah.  I love you.  It’s time to come home now.

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  1. Mary Tedesco

    Daria, I can’t put the phone down. I just keep clicking on the links. I’m reading, I’m crying, I’m even sobbing at moments. I’m hanging onto every word. Your expression of love, pride, connection with Hannah…is so profound. It is as if I can really feel your loss through the words that you chose to express how much you love her and how much you miss her. I am so humbled by you. You lost your daughter, your best friend! Yet you’re following what Jesus would want, without anger, and you are reaching out to others who struggled like your precious Hannah did. Instead of being angry with Jesus that He called your beautiful daughter home you are promoting His kingdom. You are so strong and such a beautiful inspiration by taking your pain and turning it into something powerfully raw…to reach others. To make sure that they know that they are not alone. God bless your heart, Daria! You are my hero. Love you, lady.


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