Jesus in the Garden

Jesus was in the garden.

What was he saying?

The birds fluttered by to hear.

Did they know?

They only knew it was He that spoke to them and loved them and fed them.

The garden where He knelt, where His flowers took pride in their splendor from Him.

He dropped to His knees.  “Father, take this cup.”

The flowers shuttered their petals from the pain.

The trees began to sigh sadly in the breeze.

Their leaves dropping softly on the grass in sympathy, like His tears.

The Lamb’s first cut.  His blood began to fall to the ground.

And so it fell…drop after seemingly soundless drop.

The gentle Savior fell to the ground in anguish.

“Not my will, but yours.”

And still His innocent blood tore and ripped from His skin.

To the human ear, it had no sound, but to God the Father, it split the air with a roar.

When the blood landed on the ground, it made a sound like thunder and drop by drop quaked heaven itself.

The birds cried; the ground writhed in agony with Him.  Satan laughed and hissed behind him.

An angel came to Him and spoke in gentleness.

No one with human ears could hear the cacophony in the garden that night.  Perhaps that’s why His friends slept through it all.

Sweet Jesus put His hand to his brow and smeared His own blood on His perfect hand.

Looking down with sadness in His eyes, He rose.  His time had come.

And so the Lamb was led to the full slaughter.  He laid His life down and all His blood shed.

Heaven silent as He was laid in a tomb.

Day one.

Day two.

Day three.

As the sun rose, it started with a low rumble and it swelled and swelled to a roar.

The sound of singing…. louder and louder and louder!

The earth quaked as the stone rolled away in the distance.

Satan howled in defeat.

Back in the garden, the flowers unfolded, the birds sang once more, and the trees heaved their branches upward in praise!

For Jesus – with a smile on His face once again – just ….


Stepped out of the tomb alive!!!

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