My Published Work

So proud to be published today for the very first time in Pure In Heart Stories  (5-13-2022)  Please enjoy “Fabric”


Feel free to leave a comment if this letter spoke to you in some way. 


  1. Donna Nuzz

    So painful and yet so beautiful. Just like our Lord and Savior, Jesus’s life was so painful & so so beautiful too!
    With every stitch He mends our hearts! Love this writing. All Glory & Honor to Him ✝️

  2. Elaine Graziano

    God Bless You Always

  3. Elaine Graziano

    Love you

  4. Marie Swiderski

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading, Fabric.” It is a masterpiece that deeply touched my soul and not
    one i will soon forget!

  5. Monique

    Nice . Thanks for sharing

  6. Nancy

    Hi I too lost my only child my son John Anthony 1 year and 8 months ago I will never be the same part of me died with him he was 31


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