The Field of Lost I Love You’s

She was busy at work.  Jesus had given her the assignment.  She had come to heaven with the seeds.

Just a moment earlier, this exchange took place:

“Welcome home, Hannah!  Come and look at the place I prepared for you.”

“Oh, wow, Jesus – it’s so beautiful!  I’m going to be so happy here!”

“Yes, you will be – it’s perfect for you because I made it for you!  But…there is something you must do.  Do you see that little golden bag going across you like a sash?”

“Yes – that was placed on me by an angel who brought me here.  I don’t know what it is.”

“Hannah – those are seeds.  We’re going to surprise your mom with a gift when she comes home!”

“What is it, Jesus?”

“Your mother calls it the field of lost I love you’s – the place where a flower grows for every lost moment when she can’t say she loves you on the earth.  But up here, I call it the field of found I love you’s!  Come, I will show you what to do.”

And so, with Jesus as her guide, Hannah went to work, tilling, sowing, reaping, smiling and laughing all the way.  Tilling, sowing, reaping.  Laughter and joy in the sunshine.  Music in the air filling her heart.

Every seed stared at sweetly and held lovingly in Hannah’s tender hands.  Every time Hannah would sow a seed in her field, a beautiful flower would grow.  “This one is for mom, and this one is for mom… and this one, and this one.   She will be so happy!”

Hannah kept on and on.  There is no time in heaven, and so the flowers stayed and bloomed and bloomed and bloomed and kept on blooming.  On and on they went as far as the eye could see, a giant sea of flowers with no end in sight in indescribable colors never seen before on earth.  Those were Mommy’s I love you’s to Hannah.

Sometimes when a gentle breeze would blow, and the wisps of Hannah’s hair would pull back from her face, she would look up from her work and see Jesus walking over.  The flowers would glint in the sun and bow in sweet unison to worship to their Creator.

Jesus would come along with a lovely and mysterious bottle.   He never would tell Hannah what the bottle was or what was in it, but Jesus would water all of Hannah’s flowers with that special bottle.

He seemed to hold the bottle close to Him…it was always in His pocket.  He would pick that bottle up and gaze at it for a long, long time.  Sometimes Jesus looked sad when He looked into the bottle.  The bottle was always full and never emptied.

Hannah always wanted to know what was in that special bottle that made the flowers grow and grow and grow.  Jesus would never tell her.  He told her just to trust Him.  He told her to keep working, to keep on enjoying herself, and one day He would tell her what was in the bottle.

Hannah kept working on her field of found I love you’s.  She didn’t want to disappoint her momma…. ever…even in heaven.

Sometimes when Hannah paused from her work.  She would sit in that field of flowers and get very very still.  It was then that she heard the words whispering softly softly in the wind…” I love you; I love you; I love you.”  And Hannah would smile…the faintest of memories brushing in her mind like a feather on her skin.  She somehow remembered those words from so long ago in another lifetime.

One dark day on the earth, when Mommy needed it the most, Jesus moved very very close to Mommy and whispered into Mommy’s ear, “I don’t tell Hannah, because it would make her feel sad, but I use your beautiful mommy tears to water Hannah’s field of I love you’s.

You see, all those tears you shed, Daria, they have a place in a bottle in my pocket.  I take them to Hannah’s field, and gently water your I love you flowers.  They are not lost; they are found! Just like Hannah!  Your tears are not wasted, Daria.  Your tears live in heaven with me.

One precious day you will be home with Hannah, and you will see all your dreams come true in that glorious field of flowers.

Don’t give up, Daria.  Hannah is working so hard for you.  But most of all, I’m with you.

I’m gathering your tears and I’m close by to hold you…Until that day…. that day when you see my face next to Hannah’s welcoming you home, my child!”


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